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What is Tox3d?

Computer graphics and models ready to work for you.
    Creator of computer graphics, including 3d models, texture maps and rendered images.  These can be  use in applications such as Poser, DAZ3d, Screen savers, Max3ds, Maya, Carrara,  and other graphic applications.  Great source of poser props.  Plenty of free poser prop downloads available.

    Provider of information in regards to Computer graphics. Links to Resources for graphic needs. Some free some not.  Information and reviews on Sites, Communities Software and Hardware.

Our products for sale on site are sold using instant delivery via TradeBit so you can download right after purchase, no membership or log in needed.  Instant delivery takes advantage of Pay-Pal so you can purchase with confidence that your information is staying private.

Need an item not found? Take a moment to send a request.  No charges upfront.   Finding real life solutions through computer generated graphics is what you'll find here at TOX3D.

    Whether your looking for free poser downloads or free daz downloads, this is the most popular area.  Stop by and fill those pockets up. 

What's new: 

 All about: Computer Graphics 101:
  This site area is focused on what computer graphics are, how to, and where to's.   For anyone looking to venture into this exciting field will be a great resource center.  Will also have here links to software, products and other resources.  

  1Poly wonders.  Working with single poly squares to produce support props.  Keeping poly counts down keeps render times down too.

Logo enhancement, add some depth and realism to your logo.  

Product Showcase

      Products are on display and available for sale.  This site uses 'Instant Delivery' which means no waiting. Get your files now!  Works with PayPal for your protection.  Items listed are by category.

Want to create your own scenes and models, FREE?:
Start your own Digital studio or model workshop for free.  You'll be surprised how much is available to you in this field.  For digital studio software Look to DAZ3D and  Create 3D Art at Home and get started posing and creating great renders.  If modeling is more for you, try you're hand at Blender.  Blender is what I use to create most of my work as seen here on site.  Visit our Computer graphics info area for more information on getting involved in this field.

Modeling / Graphics Requests:
     Something you need but have not found can be built for you.  Also can add morph or other modification to existing model you have.

    Works in progress may be posted here for comment or criticism from time to time. 

Don't forget to ask for what you don't see.  
Requests are always welcomed.